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Her Opinion

Our multimedia content is by and for outspoken Black and Brown women. Despite the current time where Black and Brown voices are often ignored and unrepresented in mainstream media, our page is dedicated to addressing the prejudice within the media and modern life.  We are going to tell you what we think anyway. Our page embraces being unapologetic in expressing yourself. It’s dedicated to the uplift diverse and distinct voices. Her Opinion is loud, proud and making sure we’re heard. Where Black women can see themselves and relate to the content and experiences shared. To engage in a range of informative discussions and articles around modern life. Through opinion articles and The Black Girls Chatroom podcast. Her Opinion deserves attention. It is a love letter to Black women that we should be seen and heard.

Music and Culture

Department Editors: Mia Romney & Denique Akinwumi

Music and culture is important to us because it’s a way to connect with the diaspora, and we also recognise that it’s heavily rooted and embedded in Black culture which is worth celebrating. Music is just as political as it is creative and expressive; the industry is highly dominated by white people and men despite the abundance of flourishing talent from Black women and women of colour. Our page is dedicated to ensuring the most marginalised are not erased from their own history. Music is a reflection of the people; it tells stories, heals wounds and restores relationships. We will not shy away from addressing all of the facets of music and culture whether it’s lack of representation or how growing up with it has impacted our lives.


Department Editors: Sage Anifowoshe and Sarah Hassan

Our founder Tyra wanted Herstory to be a safe space to navigate political affairs through words and imagery, and we hope that you can find inspiration and affirmation on this page. We aim to inform and educate on issues typically swept under the rug, changing history to be more inclusive of Black women and non binary people of colour. Herstory means uplifting voices of the oppressed and giving them a platform to express themselves unabashedly, free from the constraints of structural inequality. On this page you will find our Saturday School which has informative posts on influential figures and academics such as Angela Davis and Bell Hooks as well as opinion pieces and articles addressing various topics from Black womanhood and identity and Black history, to mental health and disability. Solidarity is integral to the liberation of Black people and people of colour and we want to demonstrate that by showcasing the work of diverse and talented people. In the words of Claudia Jones, a people’s art is the genesis of their freedom. 

Her Lifestyle

Department Editor: Aleisha R. 


Here at Inside A Black Girls Mind, the 'Her Lifestyle' section aims to bring engaging and informative content tailored and curated for young Black women and women of colour everywhere. We represent the unconventional and creative voices of our women writers. In an exploration of Black hair, beauty, self-care, fitness, mental health, travel and all things femininity we aim to inform, educate and create an intersectional community of aspirational women aiming to learn and grow. We shall help you discover the right products for your hair type with our ‘Curly Girl’s Guide’, and discuss the latest makeup and skincare trends for your skin type and tone. We provide a variety of content accommodated to your specific needs.


The contributions of Black women and women of colour in society, especially in lifestyle and beauty sectors, have been exploited for centuries, with our innovative methods and techniques becoming separated from their true creators as a result of erasure. Not here, sis. We want to contribute to the shift of representation within whitewashed mainstream media. It’s time to be Disruptive! We aim to empower, honour and celebrate the visionary nature and versatile beauty of Black women and women of colour while rejecting the glorification of Eurocentric features and ideals. We embrace our melanin, wide noses, full lips and textured hair. We exalt our unique and unparalleled strength and beauty.