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it's official our first ever print magazine issue 01 is launching soon!

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About Inside A Black Girls Mind

Inside A Black Girls Mind is an up and coming online magazine and organisation run by and for Black women and women of colour.  Our mission is to create and take up space in the media by amplifying the voices of Black and Brown women through sharing our experiences, stories and creative work. We aim to create a close-knit community of like-minded individuals to explore and contribute to media surrounding culture and issues we are subject to because of who we are. 

At the heart of our organisation, we give Black and Brown women a platform to creatively express themselves. Through our content, we provide a safe space where women of colour can feel comfortable and safe without judgement, as they learn about the experiences of others whilst being encouraged to share their own. We form a sense of community by letting young Black and Brown girls know they’re not alone, uplifting one another through knowledge and friendship. 

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