Want to join the Inside A Black Girls Mind team?

We are currently expanding our team as we want to have more impact in expanding the number of young Black and Brown women in digital spaces and helping those who are interested in navigating creative industries professionally in the future.

We currently have vacancies for the following roles:

Volunteer Team Leader Positions and Senior Roles


We'd love if you could volunteer as a team leader for 6 months - 1 year +

  • Creative Director 

  • Project Manager

  • Senior Secretary

  • Web Manager - Deputy Role


To apply for a team leader position - head over to the Become a team leader page

Volunteer Team Member Positions and Junior Roles


We'd love if you could volunteer in these roles for 6 months +

  • Editorial Assistant 

  • Social Media Manager 

  • Web Assistant 

We'd love if you could volunteer in these roles for 3 months +

  • Stylist - to commence in Spring / Summer 2022 

  • Creative Assistant and Photographer 

*Please note that these are volunteer roles thus unpaid*


Work experience

We all also have opportunities for those interested in doing work experience in areas such as social media, digital media, content editing and admin. For more information or to apply - visit our work experience page.

Please note that we are currently only accepting applications for a Summer 2022 start - unless you have previously discussed otherwise with our Senior Leadership Team. This is so that we can maintain the quality of the programme and to ensure we can give you consistent guidance and feedback throughout. 


All roles are mostly remote and you will be able to engage with team and group activities via conference call on Zoom and our virtual personalised workspace on Trello and the WhatsApp messaging application. There may some in-person activities such as: team social events, photoshoots, in person team meetings and more. In person activities will take place in London, Coventry or Birmingham.


How can I get a role description? 

To view a description for any of the following roles - please email applications@insideablackgirlsmind.com


How can I apply?


Please fill out the form below and email a copy of your Curriculum Vitae to applications@insideablackgirlsmind.com 

IABGM Team Member Application Form

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