• Shanai Pedro

Here's My 2 Pence on Feminism

‘Feminism’. ‘Womanism’. 'Intersectional feminism’. ‘Woman Empowerment’. It’s on the tongue of mainstream media, and therefore in the minds of many. Of course.

Image by Viktoria Slowikowska | Pexels

First things first. What do I think of feminism and ideologies that pertain to it? Well I think bull****. Excuse me? Bih what?! Yes, I said it. Straight off the bat. Why do I think this?

Let's look at the word ‘feminism’. Here’s the google definition: noun: the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia: Feminism Political ideology: "Feminism is a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes".

I want to look at the word ‘define’ in Wikipedia’s description of feminism. ‘Define’. Every so called ‘movement’ today seems to want to redefine everything. Attempt to redefine gender, what makes a family, what’s normal etc. Hell, there’s such a thing as ‘transracial’ now. (Meaning someone of whatever race can choose to identify with another race, isn’t that beautifully tolerant?).

This description of feminism intrigues me. It’s saying it wants to define the equality of the sexes. But what is there to define? Equality means the state of being equal. Nothing more, nothing less. I know it may seem I’m nit-picking here, but language, especially the English language, is changing constantly. New social movements and political opinions are popping up from God knows where, and with them they come with an army of new words and phrases.

What do so called 'feminists' demand? Some say equality and some say equal opportunity in job roles dominated by men. Feminists in the grand scheme of things demand more women be accepted to work alongside men in office jobs, the engineering field and so forth. Now here's what was brought to my attention. Feminists don't advocate women take over all the jobs that are dominated by men. Even though heavy manual labour jobs like coal mining, and life risking jobs like firefighters are dominated by men, feminists show no interest in encouraging these jobs roles for women.

Don't get me wrong, I want black women to have choices. We do. But do we truly understand the many contradictions that this movement has? I honestly don't think we do. If we did we would see the duplicity in a movement that claims it strives for equality for all, yet wants to be picky about who can do what and when and where. This obvious desire to redefine yet giving the impression that only negotiation and compromise are being asked, not demanded, to be made. Do you follow? Yes you. Have I lost you? Well? Or have you lost yourself? I want to find you. I love my people. I want to build with those of us who want to do what’s necessary for our future, egos aside. If you want, we could find each other? You may not want to, but l let’s continue shall we?

Initially, a white middle class woman who no longer wanted to be homemaker was the face of the feminist movement. A woman who possibly was tired of being viewed as less of a person and abused because of her man’s idea of male superiority, patriarchy. Gladly going off course with my intended subject matter, patriarchy has nothing to do with Black men. Racism and so called ‘white supremacy’ has been the enemy of black people from the very moment white people started succeeding in their invasions of our lands, with military tactics we taught them in the first place, until this day, of supposed inclusion of anything but ideologies that will secure our future as Black people. If a Black male is ignorant enough to think, act and view himself as a white male, then sure, he could seemingly convince himself and possibly others he benefits from patriarchy.

If we, as Black females, are ignorant enough to accept anything from a people who have proven and still prove to be ‘ain’t shit’ or articulacy put consciously or subconsciously through how they treat us to hinder any success we have (unless it is under our dependance on them), then sure, we could convince ourselves that our men actually benefit from an ideology invented by said people. We could even believe putting our race second to some unauthorized sisterhood with women of whom vouch for fighting for a position of power, which if you became sick, would replace you within a week and call that ‘women empowerment’.

Women of whom, would rather you put your son in a dress before he hits puberty, instead of you place him in an environment where men can teach him how to be a man who will grow to find pride in protecting women and children. Women of whom have never said the union between Black men and Black women is the union which is most important to build strong black families, so it should be the most uplifted. Or do we even know what a family is? Oh my gosh, do we even know how to work with Black men? Or are we, as females more important? Do our needs need to be fulfilled before our men’s needs? Is that terrible patriarchy, that doesn’t (and never has) benefit our men (nor created by them), give us the right to neglect any of our men’s concerns? If we are making problems originally exclusive to the white community our problems, and their movements our movements, what’s the deal with the terms ‘Black feminism’ and ‘womanism’? Just call it by its original title: feminism.

As I see it, as Black women we have a choice. We have the choice to keep on following what’s comfortable for us as women, or to do what may be uncomfortable for ourselves but also for our men and children. We cannot continue to delude ourselves into this lie that feminism is advertised to us for benefit to Black people as a whole. I want us to succeed, but to succeed often times you have to step out of your comfort zone.


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