Salon meets barbershop

Our newest column - created in celebration of the launch our first ever print magazine - ISSUE 01: The Hairitage Issue

welcome to the salon meets barbershop column

Welcome to the Salon meets Barbershop column! We’ve created this column in dedication of our upcoming print issue - ISSUE 01: The Hairitage Issue! Through this column we will be delving into the topic of Hair & Heritage from the unique perspectives of Black women, Black men and non-binary people.


This column aims to represent salon shop and barbershop style discussions, whilst embodying the feelings of bonding and formations of sisterhood and brotherhood in these spaces. We hope to showcase a vast array of topics including: personal experiences in the salon or barbershop,  hair related debates and discussions, the politicization of hair, the history of Black hair, Black hair and popular culture and so much more.

 Image credits: "Roaming Paks" by NEFATRON via Flickr licensed by Creative Commons by NC ND 2.0

Hair and Heritage Summer 2020 Research Project

In Summer and Autumn 2020 we ran a series of external projects as part of Hair and Heritage season at Inside A Black Girls Mind. These were included our first ever research project, content creation project and interviewing project. The goal of our project was to get young Black and Brown people to learn more research and reflect about Black British history and Black history across the diaspora.


During the projects team members were able to work with each other virtually, were assigned fortnightly tasked via worksheets and resources to help guide them at each stage of the project such as ideation, content research, content research, content editing and reflection. We aimed to create a space for these young people to learn and collaborate with another and build upon and enhance their skills. By the end of the project most team members have created a project of their own which would be published on our online magazine and social media.

"Our project will be exploring the current debates and tensions around the use of the N word, whether it is appropriate to be used as a term of endearment and who gets to use it" - by Lisa Kennedy and Rosemarie James

Image credits: Illustration by - Adaptations by Rosemarie James

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