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Meet Chi Ilochi - Model, Designer & Personal Stylist

Nigerian model, designer and stylist from the USA, (Pittsburgh, PA to be precise). Chi is a young and budding entrepreneur, she runs the businesses; Styling By Chi, Designs By Chi and Artistry Clothing. She has also worked with Vogue Italia and is also a writer for IABGM Magazine.

Photograph of Chi Ilochi

Who is Chi Ilochi?

“Hey, I am Chi Ilochi, and I am a 19 year old personal stylist, designer and model from Pittsburgh, PA. I offer a variety of services that include personal shopping, wardrobe styling, and style consolations that include helping people find their style and feel confident and beautiful in it.

As it pertains to designing, my process is pretty straight forward. I have taken a break from designing briefly but my process is very commission based, I usually design what people request and go from there, or I design what I like and sell that”.

We asked Chi to share a motivational story, she shared her story on overcoming self-doubt.

“Clients. Collaborations.

Two things that have made my journey a challenge and it didn’t have to be, but I learned it was a part of the process. I have turned them down on countless occasions. Not because I didn’t want to work with these amazing individuals.

I’ve always been the you create, I create, let’s create together type of gal. But I felt that I wasn’t good enough to do so. I figured because I’m not like most in my field of interest because I don’t have a “large enough” social presence, why would people want to work with me? What makes what I do different or special or better than those doing the same exact thing I do?

I struggled with this self-doubt, this insecurity, this overthinking for years. Realizing I couldn’t fix it overnight, I worked vigorously to exercise positive affirmations, my self-worth, and creative worth. It took so many tears, so much prayer for myself and from others, so many long days, so many mentally lonely nights, but with consistency and determination, I’m proud to say I did it”.

Want to find out more about Chi Ilochi? Find her on the following platforms.

Instagram: Igbohippie_

Twitter: Igbohippie_


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