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Welcome to Inside A Black Girls Mind

Creating & taking up space in the media through sharing our experiences, stories and creative work

Hey sis, welcome to Inside A Black Girls Mind. We are an up and coming independent publication which is dedicated to centring the voices of young Black and Brown women across the UK and beyond. Our mission is to create and take up space in the media, through providing a forum for Black and Brown women to share their experiences, stories and creative work. We aim to create a close-knit community of like-minded individuals to explore and contribute to media surrounding culture and issues we are subject to because of who we are. 


Through our content, we provide a safe space where women of colour can feel comfortable and safe without judgement, as they learn about the experiences of others whilst being encouraged to share their own. We form a sense of community by letting young Black and Brown girls know they’re not alone, uplifting one another through knowledge and friendship. 


We are passionate about diversity in online media and creative industries. We believe that the media we are exposed to should reflect the multi-cultural realities of everyday life and provide the representation so many of us were stripped of in our childhood and most impressionable years. The lack of people from ethnic backgrounds within the media, especially within senior positions, contributes towards the media’s frequent blunders surrounding race. It is impossible to discuss the struggles of people of colour without people of colour in the room. This is why we want to be able to create initiatives for young Black and Brown creatives to gain experience in the industry and create a platform which champions the work of creatives from diverse backgrounds. 


We refuse to be silenced against the backdrop of a society that continues to attempt to suppress our voices. We are bold, unapologetic and unafraid, and will never cease to project our excellence into the outside world. We will never stop demanding to be seen and heard.

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