I feel that it is vital that we use our platforms to discuss these issues, because the more that we discuss these matters, the closer we can get to finding solutions and making resources more accessible, as it is harder for people of colour to access these.

The stigmatization of sexual violence in the black community:

“I really don’t want to believe it’s because black girls don’t matter enough” – Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Sexual Assault, Rape, Sexual Violence is not something that we as the black community openly speak about. It is deemed as a taboo subject, there has always been and continues to be a hush hush approach to matters such as these.

The perpetrators tend to be protected, whilst the victims are silenced and made to feel guilty for the actions of their abusers. This culture of silence is of particular detriment to survivors due to psychological trauma and also making harder to access resources such as mental health facilities, being able to take legal action, inhibiting them from being able to take steps into recovering and dealing with these experiences.

Not talking about issues such as these means that we aren’t able to explore solutions or able resolve the structural dilemmas which aid these matters to persist.

It is really important that we address these issues as it affects so many people, in the black community especially, whether it has happened to us, personally or we may know of people it has happened too.

We need to also acknowledge that sexual violence doesn’t exclusively happened to women, men can also be victims of sexual abuse, it is key that we make sure that men, black men especially know that it is okay to talk about their experiences so that they are able to access the resources that will be able to help them to deal with trauma, also breaking the silence will be able to help them engage with these services too.

It is also very crucial that we pay particular attention to the struc