What relationship do you have with your hair?

Healthy Afro-textured hair is both beautiful, versatile and allows us to marvel in its unique creativity that was made just for us. Each head is unique just like the person it’s attached to. However, many of us are unable to see the true beauty of our hair, as the care that we are providing is not meeting its individual needs for it to look and feel at its best.

History has impacted on the relationship that we have with our hair, both spiritually and the physical care and time that we provide. My other blogs provide information and education to begin to understand the science of our hair and the care that it needs.

Below are some questions for you to reflect about the relationship that you have with your hair and how this is then connected to the care or lack of care that it gets from you:

1. What is the spiritual and emotional connection you have with your hair and how do you view your hair?

  • A special part of ‘You’ that reflects your cultu