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Short Term Opportunities and Internships

At Inside A Black Girls Mind, we want to be able to help young Black and Brown creatives gain experience in the media and creative industries. We understand that Black and Brown women are heavily underrepresented in the industry and have less access to opportunities in the field, especially at the most senior level. 


Having more representation of Black, Brown and other POC communities is essential for us to be able to tell and express our own story, create our own narrative and feel seen. We believe that the media we are exposed to ought to reflect the multi-cultural realities of everyday life and we want to be a part of making that necessary and radical change to the industry.


This season, we are providing a range of programmes such as:

  • Get into Social Media Programme (7 - 8 weeks)

  • Internships (where it is a required part of your course)

  • Short term volunteer roles (4 - 8 weeks)

For more information about any of the following programmes please email



Our placements are mostly remote and you will be able to engage with team and group activities via conference call on Zoom and our virtual personalised workspace on Trello and the WhatsApp messaging application. There may some in-person activities such as: team social events, photoshoots, in person team meetings and more. In person activities will take place in London, Coventry or Birmingham.


How do I apply?


Please fill out the form below and email a copy of your Curriculum Vitae to 

When would I be able to do the programme?

We currently have the capacity to take on two volunteers / interns each month and one participant on the social media programme, once this capacity is filled, you will be assigned to the next available opportunity.

Please note that applications are currently closed - unless you have previously discussed otherwise with our Leadership Team. This is so that we can maintain the quality of the programme and to ensure we can give you consistent guidance and feedback throughout.

IABGM Short Term Opportunities (Applications Closed)

Thanks for submitting!

Sorry sis, we are no longer accepting new applications for our short term programmes and work experience. This will be reopening in Autumn 2022.

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