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Become a Team Leader at Inside A Black Girls Mind

We are currently recruiting volunteers to become a team leader at our magazine. 


We have grand plans in store for the new year, but we need your help to put this into action. Want to be part of the mission of Black & Brown women creating and taking up space in the media? Looking to gain some experience in a leadership role? Or looking to add something on the old CV. Then this is for you! 


This is your sign to do something new in 2022. Choose from a variety of roles: social media, editorial, secretarial, project management or whether you want to pitch a position - see if we have something for you!


What do Volunteer Team Leaders do at Inside A Black Girls Mind?


As a team leader you will be working on managing a small team. You will assist with setting and managing tasks, co-managing creative projects and steering your team in the right direction. Team leaders also act as line managers here, if your team is stuck or needs some help or motivation, you will be their first point of call. However you are not alone - the Editor in Chief is only a call or message away if you or your team need some assistance. 


Within your time on the team there may also be some opportunities for you to develop your own project depending on your role, but this is totally up to you.

Current Vacancies

We'd love if you could volunteer for these roles 6 - 12 months

  • Creative Director

  • Project Manager

  • Senior Editor

  • Team Leader (Non-Specific)

How much commitment does this involve?


Volunteer team leaders will generally be expected to complete 1 -3 tasks or activities per week which translates to around 8 - 12 hours per week. During busier times this will be at the higher end. Time schedules are flexible and can be negotiated as necessary. Secretary positions will generally be around 6 -8 hours. All tasks and activities can be completed around your own schedule.


Is this paid?


These are volunteer roles, thus unpaid.


How long does this position last for?


We would ideally like to you to volunteer for 6 - 12 months, but this can be negotiated.

Great, how do I apply? 

To apply for a team leader position - simply fill out the form below, then send the completed version and your CV to 


For any role descriptions, please contact us by email via

There is currently a 4 - 6 week processing time for all applications.

IABGM Team Leader Application Form

Thanks for submitting!

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