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Here's My 2 Pence on Black Women and Luxury

Throughout my life, regardless of what the media portrayed, I have seen Black women keep up with their appearances, whether it was getting your nails done or doing your hair.

Collage of Black woman wearing luxury clothing items
Image Credits: Vladimir Yelizarov

I remember following my mum to the nail shop countless times to get her nails done. I can remember the smell of the nail polish. Sitting there and reading magazines while waiting for the LED lights to dry the final coat. The Black women I saw regularly looked after themselves.

I have always associated Black women with high class, beauty, and luxury. Being a British Nigerian I have seen Black women style their Aso-Ebi with Gele and matching purse and shoes. They dress up for every occasion, going to their tailor for a new style each time . Eager to outdress the other women.

Waiting for the infamous question “who is your tailor?”.

They definitely share a culture for fashion.

Contrary to popular belief they are not promoting consumerism or being materialistic. Black women are showing they deserve the finer things in life. Black women are opting out of the struggle and I am 100% HERE FOR IT. They are not settling for the bare minimum and that infuriates people. Wealth gained legitimately is the starting point. Work hard and enjoy the good things in life. Sometimes what you wear does not have to necessarily be expensive but the way it is put together along with the accessories can showcase class.

Many people on social media insult women, especially black women, for liking nice things. "Does she deserve the Birkin Bag" argument is annoying, just say you don't like spoiling women. Why is a woman’s worth tied to a Birkin Bag?

If you cannot afford it, don't bring it up!

Whether it is a Chanel 2.5 or a Birkin 25 cm bag, all women have the right to own one. They are an investment and they gain value over time. Investing in yourself is key, provided you can afford it.

Previously, Black women had been alienated from this market due to society’s perception of what beauty is or what a black woman should look like. The Black woman’s buying power continues to increase. There is no stopping us. We are now a force to be reckoned with especially during this era of BLACK LIVES MATTER. Brands have been challenged to carry a diverse range of products that cater to us. It’s time for us to have a seat at the table.

Black culture and heritage showcase luxury. Existing stereotypes need to change. Taking a look at the fashion industry in Africa, you can identify well-established and emerging talents taking the fashion world by storm. For me, living a luxurious lifestyle means to be free. Free to have your heart’s desire, radiating from within while globetrotting and experiencing new things. For too long, Black women have been seen as strong independent women who can take all the trauma and pain, which makes Black women showcasing luxury aesthetics all the more important in present day society.

Seeing more Black people living luxurious lifestyles is helping normalise Black wealth.

Living luxuriously is a mindset. You have to know you are worthy and deserving of nice things; it is a form of self-care and self-love. Please remember self-care is not selfish. Hopefully the number of Black women in the luxury movement will continue to grow as more of us are dreaming bigger and are being unapologetically ourselves.

So to my Black women, will you be part of the movement?



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